Q: What size T-shirt squares are used for custom stitch’T quilts?

A: T-shirts are cut into 14”x14” squares or 12”x12” squares (not both). Square size is typically dependent upon T-shirt logo size. We encourage you to specify which size you would prefer for your order, but we will make the final decision upon receipt of your shipment. The crib quilt is limited to 8”x8” squares due to their small size. King-sized quilts use 14”x14” squares.

Q: Should I cut the shirts into squares before I send them to stitch’T?

A: No.

Q: Do I need to machine wash and dry the T-shirts before I send them?

A: Yes.

Q: How do I pay for my custom stitch’T order?

A: We charge a $100 deposit and the balance is due when your custom stitch’T product is delivered. The balance can be paid by check or PayPal.

Q: I do not live in New York state, do I have to pay sales tax?

A: No, if you do not live in New York state you are exempt from sales tax.

Q: Is it possible to attach patches or small pieces/swatches of fabric onto a quilt?

A: Yes. We can usually add patches or small pieces of fabric to any quilt. There is a $5 charge for each patch or fabric addition.

Q: What’s on the back of the quilt?

A: Soft cotton sweatshirt fabric. Think of your coziest sweatshirt. The standard color is heather grey, but if you want another color just contact us.

Q: How should I care for my quilt?

A: We recommend that all stitch’T products be machine washed on a delicate cycle with like colors in cold water (no bleach). Tumble dry on low heat. If you want to iron your quilt, do so on the grey sweatshirt side.

Q: I have all kinds of clothing I would like to include in my custom stitch’T product. What can I include?

A: We accept t-shirts, collared golf shirts, sweatshirts, pajamas, dress shirts, jerseys, baby clothes, jeans. We DON’T accept: underwear, socks, anything gross.

Q: I would like a specific color theme in my custom stitch’T product, is this possible?

A: Yes. Please specify your preferred color by e-mail or phone (please reference your order number). Most of our customers prefer that we select colors that complement their T-shirts.

Q: I would like each square in the quilt to include a T-shirt image (no blank T-shirt squares), is this possible?

A: You may include as many or as few T-shirt image squares in your quilt as you would like.

Q: I have a specific layout in mind. Can I design my own product?

A: Yes, you may design the layout of your quilt, duvet cover or pillow. Click here for the custom layout form. Clearly indicate how you would like your T-shirt squares arranged and e-mail the form to info[at]tshirtquilt.nyc (reference your order number, please).

Q: I only want one side of my T-shirt used. How do I indicate this?

A: Easy. Put an “x” in masking tape on the side you want us to use.

Q: Can I use both sides of one T-shirt?

A: Definitely! Please mark the sides accordingly (see question above).

Q: What if i am unsatisfied with my quilt?

A: Every stitch’T product is custom made. For this reason, stitch’T is unable to accept returns or exchanges based on size, color or layout. We also ask that our customers allow for a certain degree of artistic license when they place their order. Mistakes are another story. Though quite rare, mistakes do happen. If an error has been made in your order, we will try our best to rectify the situation.